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Below is our list of research chemicals that we offer. Please click on the required chemical for different quantity and price options. For research purposes. Not for use in vivo.
Contact us; [email protected] For an updated version of our MSDS, that we provide with each chemical when ordered, compliant to WHIMIS 2015, please contact us.
Other chemicals/items we can offer:
  1. 1.0g of each substituted phenmetrazine for 100CAD: 3-fluorophenmetrazine HCl, 4-methylphenmetrazine HCl, 3-methoxyphenmetrazine HCl
  2. Selank CAS#129954-34-3 — 1.0g for 418CAD
  3. N,N-diisopropyltryptamine CAS#14780-24-6 — 1.0g for 110.50CAD
  4. Carisoprodol CAS#78-44-4 — 10.0g for 62.50CAD
  5. BHT CAS#128-37-0 — 20.0g for $10
  6. Lidocaine HCl CAS#73-78-9 — 50.0g for $ 60.00
  7. Syntharise Chemical beaker mugs — $30.00 (In the process of restocking the Mugs and if your order is over $400 and you didnt receive one, please email me for one to be shipped immediately upon restock!)

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