⌬ Syntharise Chemical is a specialty research chemical supplier & a bit exotic in nature, which offers a number of novel compounds to study, that ships from; Ontario, Canada. We are professionals in synthesis and developing new molecules to research. It is about our innovative research and pharmacological perception of chemicals, that guides our innovation, which are to be used for research and laboratory use. We bridge gaps and make correlations between molecules, to offer respectable quantities of new, unstudied, compounds. We support areas of; chemistry, scientific research, forensic and other uses and do not sell for use in-vivo.  We have great customer service and are driven to bringing our customers larger quantities of quality chemicals for a low price. We sell our chemicals worldwide and orders are promptly processed and shipped. Our chemicals are analyzed by H-NMR and the analytical data is provided for each chemical. We hope to support your research by being your reliable supplier. Thank you in advance for your support, as we journey through innovation.

RECENT CHEMICALS ADDED FOR SALE: ----- Emylcamate----- 6-Methoxy-Tetrahydrohapmane-----5-MeO-2AT-----5-MeO-3AT ----- 5-MeO-sBT ----- sBT ----- Mebroqualone ----- 5-MeO-aMT ----- Avizafone ----- LSA ----- 4-PrO-DMT ----- sBL / sec-butyl lysergate  ----- Lysergic Acid Ethyl Ester / Ethyl Lysergate  ----- Methylergometrine maleate ----- Aceburic Acid ----- Sodium β-Phenyl-γ-Hydroxybutyrate (Na PHB) ----- 2-methyl-2-propylpropane-1,3-diol(diol/alcohol used to synthesize meprobamate, carisoprodol, etc.)  ----- 5-MeOT-NBOMe ----- TNBOMe ----- αMT (fumarate)  


Email: sales@syntharise.com or syntharise@gmail.com

  ☀OUR CHEMICAL PRODUCT IMAGESH-NMR spectra is found on each individual chemical page. All Chemicals are H-NMR tested & assured.


-rate of loss/stolen shipments with Canada Post for us is; 5 of 15,000 parcel or 0.0333% (very rare) & orders to USA is your liability due to customs sometimes holding and seizing parcels, although the molecules not being scheduled.

We usually process and ship every day of the week, but Wednesday is our time of consolidation and laboratory work to bring you new chemicals/testing required. Also ignore any emails if speaking on our behalf, whatever it may be. (although we haven't noticed this yet.) *We send emails only for tracking numbers and payment instructions after an order* Like other chemicals companies, it takes 24-48 hours to ship out, so please be patient and you always get what is paid for with Syntharise Chem. Thank you!